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The Czech Association of Football Players (ČAFH) is the largest organisation which brings together professional athletes in the Czech Republic and promotes their interests at both national and international level.

Player’s guide

Below are four areas of interest about which our members most frequently seek help and advice. If you encounter any difficulty from any of these four topics, or you need guidance on any other issue, do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Transfer windows
  • Registration process
  • Model situations
  • Transfer fees
  • Training compensation
About transfers

Professional contracts

  • Key elements
  • Latest regulatory changes
  • Contract reviews
  • Standard contracts for professional players
About contracts


  • Late payment of remunerations
  • Unilateral contract termination
  • Unjustified sanction
  • Demotion to a B-team
About disputes


  • Reviews of contracts with intermediaries
  • Disputes with intermediaries
About intermediaries
Player’s guide


The mission of the Czech Association of Football Players is to support its members by helping them deal with problems of all kinds. More and more players turn to us in need of help. You play, we care!


"Football players should act like one family, one team, even when they play for different clubs. That’s exactly what the ČAFH makes possible. While many players don’t encounter the slightest issue throughout their career, many others face difficult situations on multiple occasions. The ČAFH is here to help these players and their task is to unite, hang together, and support one another."


"I have experienced how player associations work and how strong they are in France and in England. Footballers greatly appreciate their work and are proud to be their members. We strive to build the ČAFH into an organisation with an equally strong position and reputation as similar associations abroad."


"If anyone wants to achieve great results in today’s world of professional football, they must devote 100% of their time and energy to play, training, and regeneration. In such case, there is no time left to contact lawyers and make sure that your contract includes all the necessary parts, or it is just a useless piece of paper. There is nothing like having somebody who covers your back. Thank you!"

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Latest news

Emergency period workload risks player health


FIFPRO notes the accumulated workload for players in the first quarter of European football’s 2020-2021 season and the mental and physical burden they are facing until 2022. The current handling of the match calendar during this emergency period lacks sufficient considerations for their health, well-being and performance and requires an urgent and ongoing revision by competition organisers.

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Voting in the WORLD 11 poll is here again!


Thanks to the membership of the Czech Association of Football Players in the FIFPRO World Players Union, our members can participate in the WORLD 11 poll again this year! There is a number of innovations that we would like to introduce to you...

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Grave concerns of FIFPRO about Czech club’s treatment of player


FIFPRO has grave concerns about the recent treatment of professional football players at some clubs in the Czech Republic, including the imposition of a form of solitary confinement on one footballer.

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