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ČAFH at FIFPRO Europe Congress in Cyprus


The Chairman of the ČAFH Markéta Vochoska Haindlová and general secretary of the ČAFH Jakub Porsch went on Monday 6th September to the three days long Europe Congress of the worldwide representative organisation for footballers FIFPRO all the way to Cyprian Limassol.

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Czech players separated from their first team


FIFPRO and CAFH want to remind clubs and professional football players that it is prohibited to exclude players from the first team through coercive methods.

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Martin Fenin: “Look for someone you trust, and talk”


Dare to talk about your mental health, advises former Czech Republic player Martin Fenin to all professional footballers.

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FIFPRO launches global mental health campaign


FIFPRO officially launches its mental health awareness programme titled "Are you ready to talk?"

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Online General Assembly highlights players' union work during pandemic


For professional footballers facing unfair dismissals, salary cuts and the uncertainty of lockdown, player unions are acting as a vital support system by fighting for the collective rights of members and providing personal assistance.

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CAFH warns against a fake football agent


CAFH strongly warns its members against the actions of the fake football intermediary Martin Koiš. Koiš a citizen of the Slovak Republic, repeatedly acts as a football agent, offering young players internships, exams or training camps in Portuguese and Italian clubs.

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