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The mission of the Czech Association of Football Players is to support its members by helping them deal with problems of all kinds. More and more players turn to us in need of help.
You play, we care!

Ivan Hašek

"Football players should act like one family, one team, even when they play for different clubs. That’s exactly what the ČAFH makes possible. While many players don’t encounter the slightest issue throughout their career, many others face difficult situations on multiple occasions. The ČAFH is here to help these players and their task is to unite, hang together, and support one another."

Vladimír Šmicer

"I have experienced how player associations work and how strong they are in France and in England. Footballers greatly appreciate their work and are proud to be their members. We strive to build the ČAFH into an organisation with an equally strong position and reputation as similar associations abroad."

Jan Rezek

"If anyone wants to achieve great results in today’s world of professional football, they must devote 100% of their time and energy to play, training, and regeneration. In such case, there is no time left to contact lawyers and make sure that your contract includes all the necessary parts, or it is just a useless piece of paper. There is nothing like having somebody who covers your back. Thank you!"

Michal Škoda

"I am happy about the outcome of my case not only because of the money. I hope that following my example other players will realise that standing up for their rights is worth the effort. Don’t be scared off; you just have to listen to the association and cooperate with them."

Tomáš Fryšták

"I am grateful to the ČAFH for their help. I had no contract, but thanks to the association I have secured a deal on the Bohemians 1905 team."

Jakub Rada

"It was difficult to get along with the club. That’s why I decided to contact the Czech Association of Football Players. Thanks to their team, we managed to resolve the situation in a completely satisfactory manner. Once again, I would like to express my thanks to all of them."

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